The Benefits of Forex Robots


Every traders who join Forex Market have heard about Forex Robots. Forex robots are computer software which were programmed with specific strategies and market standards. This empowers them to trade in the Forex market either semi-automatically or fully automatically . This software can automate many jobs involved in Forex trading and make the job easy […]

4 survivor tips for forex beginners


If you’re forex beginners, taking things slowly and gradually will help you not only survive, but may also raise your odds of long term success. Taking this slowly applies to the time and money spent in trading and also your instruction as a trader. Here are four suggestions for taking it easy. 1. Taking your […]

Top 5 Forex Brokers in Saudi Arabia

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If you are a forex trader who are living in Saudi Arabia, i recommend you to trade with regulated forex brokers on the list below. As i mentioned in the previous article, you should only trust regulated brokers and this is the crucial step to avoid forex broker scam. 1. Hotforex Hotforex is a forex […]

How to avoid Forex Broker Scam


With the Forex market standing as the world’s biggest financial market, traders will run into quite a few forex brokerages in Saudi Arabia that would request that you join their services and promise to be regulated and safe. This isn’t consistently the situation, which is why Saudi Forex Traders must comprehend the crucial value of […]

Forex Trading : An Introduction

Stock Indicators with 3D Up Arrows and Down Arrows

The forex market is the largest financial market with $5 Trillion of currencies traded daily. It also the world most’s exiting and active market. What is forex? Forex (or FX) means “foreign exchange” or “foreign currencies” that are what’re dealt about the forex market. You usually trade-in pairs, for instance you are able to trade […]